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Syrian refugees supported through winter



Thousands of Syrian refugees will be given life-saving supplies thanks to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).

The Jordanian government reports that nearly 180,000 have crossed their borders from Syria, while the United Nations recently forecast that more than one million people will flee the ongoing civil conflict in the coming months. As winter sets in many will be at risk of death or serious illness as a result of the region’s frigid temperatures and a severe lack of resources.

“These people have fled conflict in the search of safety,” said Chris Jensen, International Programs Director for ADRA Australia. “But their new situation is potentially just as dangerous. The winter conditions pose a real threat for children, the sick and the elderly in particular the harsh winter conditions pose a real threat.”

In response, ADRA is supporting 3,500 families through the distribution of winter clothing to ensure their health and security. The emergency packs include sleeping bags, socks, jackets, leggings, beanies and scarves. In addition, the connections made with refugee families will allow ADRA to refer them on to other services and organisations.

“They have faced many fears in the last 12 months, but now, they don’t have to fear the onset of winter,” said Mr Jensen.

ADRA’s response is targeting large families with young children, the elderly and widows, who form the most vulnerable groups. More than 17,500 people will benefit from the project, which is funded by the European Union and ADRA offices around the world, including ADRA Australia.

“There are very few organisations offering this kind of assistance, so ADRA is filling a vital gap,” said Mr Jensen.

The clothing is being sourced from local suppliers, helping to secure jobs and support the local economy.

This response comes in addition to ADRA’s accommodation program which is assisting more than 100 Syrian families to secure safe lodging outside the over-crowded Jordanian refugee camps.

You can help support ADRA’s work in the region, and other disaster affected areas around the world through donations to ADRA Australia’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Fund. To give your support call 1800 24 ADRA or donate online.

ADRA Australia is a Christian aid and humanitarian organisation that empowers communities and changes lives. ADRA Australia works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action.

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