Monthly Archives: June 2015

Bopha Sun’s Story

Today, Bopha Sun is a happy and thriving woman—but three years ago, the picture was completely different. Bopha Sun grew up in a traditional farming community in Cambodia. When she was just 10 years old, her mother fell ill and Bopha Sun was forced out of school. Having missed out […]

Charlie’s Story

Charlie is 25. Every week, he volunteers a day of his time as a counsellor in Blacktown, Sydney. It’s a job that provides insight into the difficulties many people face. “The hardest part of counselling I think is being with someone in their struggle,” Charlie says. “While there’s a real […]

Review: Just Mercy

The story of Bryan Stevenson reads like that of the literary references his book—Just Mercy—begins with. The front cover features an endorsement from legal thriller writer John Grisham and the first two-thirds of Stevenson’s book could be read and reviewed well in the Grisham genre. The through-story is that of […]