Monthly Archives: November 2016

On The Road With ADRA

Sunday, October 16: The Sunday morning traffic is sporadic at first but builds steadily across the morning. We are shielded from direct sunlight by a glary grey sky and occasional breezy gusts buffet us with the grit and exhaust of the passing traffic. With each sequence of the traffic lights […]

Farewell Pam Wood, a Justice Champion

The phone rings. Pam Wood glances down, picks up her mobile and answers in a cheerful voice. It’s yet another person needing help. As manager of the ADRA Community Centre in Logan, one of the leading community centres in the area south of Brisbane, Pam is constantly confronted with people […]

Kiribati Youth Urge Greater Climate Action

Two Seventh-day Adventist women from Kiribati have shared stories of how climate change is impacting their nation and called for greater action against climate change as guests of the Voices for Justice conference, hosted by Micah Australia in Canberra on November 19–21. Tinaai Teaua and Vasiti Tebamare are youth leaders in […]

Creating a Brighter Future

Creating a Brighter Future Mrs Linh lives in a remote village in the Cao Bang Province, one of the poorest areas in Vietnam where many ethnic minorities live in poverty. Linh and her husband are farmers and they have two children: a son in fifth grade and a daughter in […]