Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Difference Water Makes

November is the hottest, driest time of the year in in the south-eastern provinces of Timor Leste and, in communities that have been affected by the recent El Niño drought, they are hoping for the wet season to begin soon. But in the village of Luca, the pump that supplies their […]

Taking a Back Seat

Taking a Back Seat We all know the jokes about the meddling in-laws whose advice, even though they mean well, is often far from being helpful. So when it comes to helping people in poverty, is our well-meaning support really beneficial? Or are we just like meddling in-laws? This issue […]

The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude ‘Thank’ and ‘you’ are two of the most basic words in the English language. Yet, when combined they can have a powerful impact on people. When travelling to a country for the first time, I have always found that learning the phrase ‘thank you’ in the […]