Monthly Archives: May 2018

A Light Bulb Moment

One Friday morning in April, I enjoyed a beach sunrise with one of my daughters as part of a school activity. It was an experience I have filed away in my precious memories. Once the activity concluded and the parents were excused, I took the opportunity to enjoy a quick […]

Bhagwati’s Amazing Story

In a small hillside village in western Nepal, Bhagwati kneels beside the fire and warms her hands in front of red-hot coals. As she prepares breakfast for her two children, the sun creeps above the fog – its warm glow beginning to heat the chilled air. On the menu this […]

ADRA receives 5-year DFAT accreditation extension

ADRA Australia has been granted full accreditation from the Australian government for another five years. The accreditation, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), means ADRA is eligible to receive annual government funding for development projects. The accreditation process is lengthy and rigorous, designed to ensure NGOs are […]

Speaking up for Fairness and Generosity

Ahead of next week’s federal budget, there have been reports of further cuts to Australia’s foreign aid budget. In response, Adventist leaders have spoken out, encouraging church members to advocate for a fairer and more generous approach. ADRA Australia CEO Paul Rubessa said he was “alarmed” to hear reports of another […]