Monthly Archives: October 2018

Kids, Carols and Christmas

Organising an ADRA Christmas Tree fundraiser is easy, and it can be a lot of fun! Deina Bailey explains. Over the past few years, our church (Lilydale, VIC) has featured the ADRA Christmas appeal at our annual Carols night. Here’s the story of how we’ve built the event to now […]

How does the ADRA Appeal help?

It’s October, which means the annual ADRA Appeal is here! Our senior fundraising manager Aleksandra Ewing shares some insights. How does the ADRA Appeal help? Where does the money go? The funds raised during the ADRA Appeal go to support people in need in Australia and overseas. This funding is […]

Falling Through the Cracks

Four years ago, Jonathon was comfortable. Then his life turned upside down. He recounts an incredible journey of heartbreak, despair and, ultimately, hope. It’s 2am. Cold and dark. Jonathan lies awake, shivering. The abandoned factory Jonathon and his three young boys call their home is not peaceful and quiet. Next […]