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Shatha’s New Vision

Last week Shatha‚Äôs older sister‚Äôs glasses were stolen.¬†¬† At just 6¬†years old,¬†Shatha knew¬†she had to do something. She didn‚Äôt chase¬†down¬†the thieves or make ‚Äėlost-and-found‚Äô posters¬†– instead she¬†promised¬†her sister¬†that one day she‚Äôd become an eye-doctor so she could help.¬†¬† This was the latest in a series of traumatic events in the […]

Fighting Hunger

At eight years of age, Zira knows the pain of feeling hungry. And her mother knows the desperation of seeing her children starve and the shame of them being chased away from school. The family lives in a remove province in Zimbabwe and this is their story. A Daughter‚Äôs Story: […]

ADRA News – Summer 2019

Thank You from the ADRA CEO

Thank you so much for your support of the ADRA Appeal this October. Whether you organised or participated in a fundraising event, whether you door-knocked in your local community or collected donations at a public place, or whether you gave directly to the Appeal, your efforts and your generosity will […]