Monthly Archives: January 2020

Update on the Bushfires and ADRA’s response

Here is another update about how your support has enabled¬†ADRA to help¬†those affected by the devastating¬†bushfires.¬†Below are just a few examples. A lot more is happening all around the country. Albury Adventist Church members, with ADRA’s help,¬†coordinated¬†the purchase and delivery of food and supplies to the Country Fire Association (CFA)¬†volunteers […]

ABC radio report features ADRA volunteers

Our hardworking volunteers¬†across the country are¬†helping with the devastating bushfires. From Bega to Bairnsdale and¬†Biloela to Kangaroo Island, ADRA volunteers have been providing accommodation, food, water, generators, food for livestock and other requested items. Recently,¬†ABC Radio featured¬†ADRA’s response. ABC Radio Interviewer David Sparkes described ADRA Bairnsdale as “a highly organised […]

ADRA’s response to the Bushfires

The bushfires that are ravaging¬†Australia¬†are devastating. Dozens of lives have been lost and hundreds of houses burned to the ground. Since November,¬†ADRA together with¬†Seventh-day Adventist¬†churches and volunteers,¬†has provided¬†food and accommodation to people affected by the bushfires, and has supported the¬†firefighters.¬†Below are just a few examples of the many ways your […]