Millions of people like Tetiana and her 10 year old son have their lives turned upside down by disasters every year.

Disasters like the conflict in Ukraine, the flooding in Australia, and the earthquakes in TĂŒrkiye devastate millions of lives. The need for food, water, shelter, medicine and safety is urgent.

By having a strong global presence, ADRA can respond to almost every disaster, providing for people’s immediate needs and empowering them to rebuild their lives. Your generous gift before disasters occur ensures ADRA can respond when disasters strike. That means providing food parcels, hygiene packs, shelter kits, and water filtration devices when people need them most.

ADRA’s Disaster and Famine Relief Offering is on Saturday February 10. Seventh-day Adventist Churches across Australia will be collecting for our Disaster Relief Fund. You can also give directly to ADRA at any time by clicking ‘Donate Now’ on this page, or by calling 1800 242 372.

Your donation can enable ADRA to be Always Ready and Always There for people in disasters. Help us restore hope to those most in need.