5 August, 2020

For the many ADRA staff and volunteers around Australia, they throw themselves headfirst into the position of serving their local community. And while they never expect praise, it is truly humbling to receive a letter of thanks. Which is what Kate Barratt, the Redwood Community Centre Manager, received in her inbox in July.

“It is with both great pleasure and gratitude that I write this impact statement, specifically to Kate Barratt and the ADRA family and community.

“I have been part of and lived in the Warburton community for nearly a decade. Contributing to the small community here is one of the joys of living here. It’s a close and small community, one in which it isn’t unusual at all to ask or be asked for help which is always freely given and sometimes received.

“As a recipient of the government Disability Support Pension, due to extreme ill health, it is a constant battle to manage outgoings and have at the same time a small quality of joy and fulfillment in life.

“I did work hard for decades and paid my due of tax, but will never take for granted the help given in terms of the Disability Support Pension.

“However, and particularly in the light of the last few months of a pandemic, with isolation (in a fairly isolated community) prices rising enormously, access becoming more difficult how I realise how much the support of ADRA has been of help to me personally. It would have just been that harder to manage without them.

“I know it has been to many others.

“Small food parcels, when otherwise we would just go without, the offer of help, counselling…or just a smiling face when otherwise you may have not seen one for weeks. I have passed on some of my food parcels to others a bit embarrassed to ask for help…the need for help and community is hidden even here in Warburton.

“I think these are the very human and wonderful things that ADRA provides.

ADRA Volunteer Kez prepares meals for care packages

ADRA Volunteer Kez prepares meals for care packages

“They provide a connection: to each other and to that within ourselves that is struggling, both with things like Disability Support Pension and the pandemic crisis which is upon us.

“The ADRA connection and contact I think gives us faith in ourselves, validation, and no judgment and is also a testament to people, community and humanity.

“I thank Kate, ADRA, Kerry, and all involved for the lovely gift they have given of themselves to our community.

“Sincere regards and thanks


*Name changed for privacy reasons