14 January, 2020

Our hardworking volunteers across the country are helping with the devastating bushfires. From Bega to Bairnsdale and Biloela to Kangaroo Island, ADRA volunteers have been providing accommodation, food, water, generators, food for livestock and other requested items.

Recently, ABC Radio featured ADRA’s response.

ABC Radio Interviewer David Sparkes described ADRA Bairnsdale as “a highly organised hub of activity.”

“At first glance this is obviously a scene of great generosity,” says David. “But it’s also a triumph of clever logistics and finely tuned organisation. Because access to many towns has been unpredictable, the team has had to rely on brief windows of opportunity where authorities allow road access, sometimes only in guided convey.”

During the interview, Merilyn Beveridge, the ADRA volunteer coordinator at Bainsdale, describes the busyness at Bainsdale  “We’re getting things prepared so that when we have a window of time to get into a community, we can pack a van very quickly and move off. It’s a matter of getting out to people what the need is. And sometimes, we’re encouraging (people) to send the money here to buy locally, so that we’re supporting the local businesses.”

“They’re moving everything from toothbrushes to generators,” David says.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Your generous support has made possible ADRA’s response to the bushfires. If you have already given to our Disaster Fund, thank you. The work in Bairnsdale is one of many activities happening around Australia.

It’s not too late to donate to ADRA’s response.

We will continue to keep you updated on events as they unfold. And we pray that wherever you are, you are keeping safe.