8 September, 2020


Since December 2019, ADRA has been involved in Drought Relief activities in South Australia. The response has seen a volunteer team visit the Mallee Region, where drought-affected farmers and families were identified. The team then visited with some of those farmers and discussed their situation and listened to their experiences.

It has always proved difficult to identify ways to assist those affected by drought, and as an immediate gesture of support, cash transfers of $500 were offered and arrangements were made to come back later this year to hold a family fun day for affected families in the area. The team met with local farming groups and partnered with members at Riverland Seventh-day Adventist Church to connect with as many farming families as possible.

For the past couple of months, ADRA been assisting through fence construction in Nildottie. We want to thank all of the volunteers who have committed their time and hard work to get a huge amount of fencing done, and also to the team who went to the Mallee. The commitment of the volunteers and donors involved really has been amazing, and really has made a difference. Thank you!

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