3 June, 2020

ADRA Cambodia has responded to COVID-19 through supplying personal protection equipment and education materials for communication of effective quality information so that community members will make the right choices in their personal hygiene, sanitation and social distancing behaviours to prevent, control and respond to COVID-19.

The support took place in Kompong Thom and Preah Vihear provinces where ADRA Cambodia management teams have been in regular contact with provincial administrative and public health system partners. ADRA initially worked with the Provincial Health Department (PHD)/MOH to print banners, posters and brochures on hand washing and other prevention measures using approved WHO/MOH designs which were distributed during project activities in early March. An urgent request for further support came after recent COVID cases in Preah Vihear. The PHDs and local health centres have started more vigilant prevention measures at all of their health facilities for suspected cases and COVID-19 testing has commenced. The PHDs have appealed to ADRA and other development partners to assist in meeting the needs for protective equipment and prevention supplies at all of their referral hospitals right down to the local health centres. The Personal Protective Equipment supplies will reach 1,182 Health Staff and the materials for Communication messaging and promotion-based will reach an estimated 700,000 in target Health Centre areas.

ADRA distributing the COVID-19 educational materials

This USD $30,000 response provides 96 infrared thermometer guns, 15,950 surgical masks and pairs of examination gloves, 2,640 litres of alcohol and eight 20 litre spray containers. 3,620 brochures, 1,810 posters and 724 banners provided will promote key MOH approved prevention messages including hand washing and social distancing. Additional awareness messages will be promoted for 3 months on the local radio station FM97 MHz in Preah Vihear province.

The project is made possible through funds from the ADRA Network and the Latter-day Saint Charities.

Further, through a partnership with Eco Soap Bank, ADRA Cambodia has distributed antibacterial foam hand wash to hospitals, health centres, government ministries, and various departments engaged in the COVID-19 response.

Distributing the hand soap in partnership with Eco Soap Bank

Between March-April 2020, ADRA distributed 18,704 litres of antibacterial foam hand wash to 57 hospitals, 142 health centers, three ministries and 8 departments throughout the country. The partnership with Eco Soap Bank began in 2017 when Eco Soap Bank providing hand soap to ADRA’s various projects to support hygiene and sanitation activities. Eco Soap Bank is a United States organisation working with the Cambodian hotel industry to reduce waste and provide soap with hygiene education to rural Cambodians.

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