Nov 15

Thank You ADRA Appeal Volunteers

The ADRA Appeal in October saw thousands of volunteers being compelled to serve in their local communities and to help people in need. “Thank you. We’re grateful to have so …

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Oct 23

Kids, Carols and Christmas

Organising an ADRA Christmas Tree fundraiser is easy, and it can be a lot of fun! Deina Bailey explains. Over the past few years, our church (Lilydale, VIC) has featured …

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Oct 22

How does the ADRA Appeal help?

It’s October, which means the annual ADRA Appeal is here! Our senior fundraising manager Aleksandra Ewing shares some insights. How does the ADRA Appeal help? Where does the money go? …

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Oct 04

Falling Through the Cracks

Four years ago, Jonathon was comfortable. Then his life turned upside down. He recounts an incredible journey of heartbreak, despair and, ultimately, hope. It’s 2am. Cold and dark. Jonathan lies …

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Jul 19

Thank You… Directly from Nepal

During our end-of-financial year, we were blown away by the generosity of our donors. If you were one of them, thank you! We have a special ‘Thank You’ video for …

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May 28

A Light Bulb Moment

One Friday morning in April, I enjoyed a beach sunrise with one of my daughters as part of a school activity. It was an experience I have filed away in …

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May 17

Bhagwati’s Amazing Story

In a small hillside village in western Nepal, Bhagwati kneels beside the fire and warms her hands in front of red-hot coals. As she prepares breakfast for her two children, …

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Jan 31

Anwara’s Story

It was 2am when Anwara climbed into the boat. In the teeming darkness, strange hands passed her up toward the bow and unfamiliar bodies pressed against her. She called out …

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Dec 13

Why Orphanages Are Not Best Practice

Children are so often at the heart of why we give to charity. In them we see the hope for a better future. This is perhaps why so many people …

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Dec 13

Generosity That Comes Full Circle

As a child, Christmas was always exciting for me. I remember well the joy of creating a gift for my mum or dad: gluing shells and pasta to a frame …

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