Mar 08

ADRA Women Leaders Inspire Inclusion

ADRA is honoring International Women‚Äôs Day (March 8) and National Women‚Äôs History Month by spotlighting the amazing stories of the mission‚Äôs female leaders. The United Nations designated the 2024 Women‚Äôs theme as the year to “inspire inclusion and invest in women‚Äôs progress.” For over 40 years, ADRA women have made …

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Feb 07

Displaced by the war – Tetiana’s story

Tetiana, her ten-year old son Artem*, and Tetiana‚Äôs retired mother were forced to relocate when the war broke out in their hometown of Kherson. Shortly before the war, the family lost their breadwinner, so Tetiana now had to carry the burden of providing and caring for her family alone. ‚ÄúThe …

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Jun 27

One year on – an update from Wilson in Zambia

June 2022: Last year, we shared the story of Wilson, a young man in Zambia. Before he met ADRA, poverty and disability combined to crush Wilson‚Äôs hope for the future. ‚ÄúI was always called ‚Äėchilema‚Äô, which means ‚Äėparalytic‚Äô,‚ÄĚ Wilson said. ‚ÄúSome people in my community, including some of my family …

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Nov 23

Keep girls in school

‚ÄúWe could only go to the toilet when it was dark in the evening or at 5am in the morning before the sun rises.‚ÄĚ At age 15, Mary* is the head girl at the Adventist boarding school she attends in the Solomon Islands. Her favourite subject is science and health …

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May 10

Evacuation Centres to Become Accessible

The Pacific Islands¬†are one¬†of the most¬†disaster-prone¬†regions¬†in the world.¬†As such, humanitarian organisations like ADRA work with locals to ensure that communities are ‚Äėdisaster ready.‚Äô¬† Being ‚Äėdisaster ready‚Äô includes¬†activities¬†like¬†identifying evacuation centres¬†using a Geographic Information System (GIS),¬†having prepositioned supplies ready to distribute should disaster strike¬†and preparing homes and crops in the lead up …

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Feb 26

Transformative Hope – August’s Story

August sits on the round wooden stool beside her mud brick house. Her four children are running around playing games nearby. She looks down at the bare earth ground, before looking up confidently. ‚ÄúI have my dreams for my children and what I want them to become in the future,‚ÄĚ …

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Sep 04

Official opening of Zen-sory Space and Play Area

On a cheerful and sunny afternoon, Mallee Rose Cottage ‚Äď the ADRA Community Centre in Macquarie Fields ‚Äď officially opened its new Zen-sory Space and Play Area. For the past six years, Mallee Rose Cottage has been a refuge for families in Macquarie Fields. With services ranging from counselling to …

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Dec 04

Riding high for girls to Blossom

Bonnells Bay (NSW) Mother and son team Louise and Nat Ginn are all set to ride a gruelling 1,000 kilometres over 10 days to raise $100,000 for the Blossom Project. Their epic journey will begin on Monday 14th December and take them from Sydney to the peaks of Mt Kosciusko …

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Nov 10

All I Want for Christmas

I can still remember the disappointment. It was Christmas time and I must have been about eight years old. Like every other kid my age I‚Äôd been counting down the day until I could finally unwrap my stack of presents. The night before, I was so excited that I could …

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