22 April, 2020

One of the many things that Linda and I loved about living in Melbourne (more than 20-years ago now) were the distinctive seasons.

The changes were really noticeable from summer to autumn, autumn to winter, winter to spring and then back to summer. There is something special about changing weather seasons. There is also something special about journeying through the seasons of life. We hold vivid memories of seasons past and excitement about new seasons ahead.

That’s where I find myself now.

My life seasons are changing with my work at ADRA drawing to a close and a new role with the South Pacific Division coming into view. The change has created a mixture of feelings that I have labelled ‘peaceful sadness, blended with excitement’. I am at peace because I pray about my ministry everyday – that God will use me where I can be most effective. So, I have to trust Him when change emerges. I am sad because I have developed a strong connection with ADRA’s purpose and an even stronger connection with the ADRA team. And I am excited about my next work chapter with the Division’s Investment and Financial Services team.

Working for ADRA is both a privilege and a responsibility. It can be challenging at times – but it is rewarding every single day, and I feel blessed to have notched up over one thousand very rewarding ADRA days. Those days are filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Completing the 10,000 Toes ADRA Connections Kokoda trek will always bring a sense of achievement, but my fondest memories and broadest smiles appear when I remember the people. ADRA is all about courageously and compassionately connecting with people so that all may live as God intended. ADRA is all about Justice, Compassion and Love – for people. A world with more Justice, Compassion and Love is a better world.

Paul at Kokoda arch

I’ll never forget walking Kokoda for ADRA

No ADRA journey is made alone – ADRA relies on people to serve people. My journey has been filled with amazing people. The dedicated team who work with me every day in the office, the committed staff and volunteers on the frontline right around our great country, our donors who give generously and frequently, our volunteers who give their time overseas with Connections and Open Heart International, and our prudent and strategic Board who provide wise counsel. Thank you for walking with me on this journey and when our journey ends, please pick up the hand of the next CEO and walk with them.

Between project visits in South Australia

There is a tear now, and I can’t seem to stop it no matter how I screw up my face. So let me finish with this. My time at ADRA has changed me – I am far from perfect but I see the world differently now – more compassionately and more generously and I love that ADRA has triggered those emotions. Even though I won’t walk through the ADRA doors each morning, I will remain part of the ADRA team as a supporter and a donor.

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