27 November, 2017

The day starts with prayer in Berwick, Victoria as volunteers from Pakenham Church prepare for a roadside traffic collection for the ADRA Appeal.

Debbie, leading her team of 22 volunteers, says she’s always surprised by the people who give.

“It’s those with the battered cars that just hand you this massive handful of coins. It’s just amazing!” she says.

Debbie ADRA Appeal2

Debbie and her son head up the team at their church. Since suffering a back injury, volunteering for ADRA enables Debbie to serve in a meaningful way that isn’t detrimental to her health. “Sure enough, at the end of the day you have a few aches and pains, but God blesses you for doing what you do for him,” she says.

Taking part in the ADRA Appeal is important to Debbie because of the great work that ADRA does, she says.

“ADRA just helps so many people. The more that they get, the more people they can help.”

In the end, Debbie says the team raised about $2800 for the day.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who generously donated their time during the ADRA Appeal. 

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