Much has been said and written about Jesus seeking solitude.

A quick search online will bring up endless books, sermons and other resources focused on the moments Jesus sought out moments of silence and His desire to be alone.

There’s certainly wisdom and power in following Christ’s example here – but there’s also a great danger.

The moments of quiet that are so widely written and spoken about were not Jesus’ normal mode of operation.

Are we keeping that in perspective when we seek times of solitude? Or is our desire for Christ-like quiet pulling us away from the bustling mission-field streets?

Because it’s there that Jesus spent the most of His time.

Jesus’ mission wasn’t to retreat to the garden or walk alone in the stillness of night. He knew that there was a purpose for the stillness but also knew that community doesn’t happen in the quiet.

Jesus’ moments of solitude get so much attention because they stand in stark contrast to the busy, noisy, and dirty work of being in and building community.

His eternal community – His heavenly kingdom – was built amongst the chaos of cultural rivalries, religious disagreements, and human-made suffering.

If we are going to follow Jesus’ footsteps into the still and quiet moments, then we must also be prepared to follow them into the streets, homes, events, and opportunities in our communities, and be prepared to spend a lot of time there.

Lord, help me follow You into the busy, noisy, and dirty work of building Your Kingdom today.

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