15 April, 2023


In the early hours of Monday 6 February, two powerful earthquakes struck south-eastern Türkiye (formerly Turkey) and northern Syria. ADRA is responding to the crisis in both countries. 

In Syria, ADRA has helped a total of 26,535* people who have been affected by the earthquakes. A total of 49,575 meals have been provided by ADRA in 24 different areas of Aleppo and Latakia. With so many buildings and homes destroyed, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, forcing them to take refuge in collective shelters like repurposed schools. Some of these shelters are hosting up to 1,000 people. However, these emergency shelters are not equipped to meet the needs of so many people with limited water and sanitation facilities. ADRA has provided 31 cleaning kits to seven collective shelters to meet hygiene needs. Ten of the cleaning kits went to the Sport City Centre which is hosting over 2,000 individuals. ADRA is also supplying collective shelters with hygiene kits and blankets.

ADRA's Turkey Response. Collapsed building with first responders digging through rubble, including a woman in an ADRA vest.

ADRA is on the ground in Syria responding to the earthquake

ADRA is also supporting water supply rehabilitation work which will restore the water network for up to 12,000 people in the Alasalyee neighbourhood. And the rehabilitation work on the in Dahr Al Siryane is now complete, benefitting up to 150,000 individuals. 

In Türkiye, ADRA’s response has supported almost 9,500 people from 16 cities. ADRA has been working with other local organisations on the ground to coordinate relief efforts. The response has included the distribution of food, tents, winter clothing, hygiene kits, cash vouchers, solar lamps, and cleaning supplies. 

Just two weeks after the initial earthquakes, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck southern Türkiye near the Syrian border. ADRA’s response was unaffected, and we continue to provide support to the affected areas. 

*Numbers accurate at time of publication 



Severe tropical cyclones Judy and Kevin made landfall in Vanuatu within 48 hours of each other in early March. The category 4 storms destroyed buildings, water systems, and crops, affecting over 80% of the population. 

From the beginning, ADRA has been on the ground in Efate and Santo, assisting families in evacuation centres with food rations and providing temporary shelter for those who completely lost their homes. Many are not sure how long they will remain at the evacuation centres as they are not financially able to rebuild their lives. 

ADRA’s Elang Family Support Services Centre in Etas has become a place of refuge for families affected by the cyclones. One such family was Loma’s. 

Loma, her children, and grandchildren remained at home because they thought their house would withstand Cyclone Judy. However, as the winds grew stronger, it destroyed their kitchen and lifted the roof off their house.

Loma and her family sought refuge in the Elang Family Centre

Loma gathered her children and grandchildren, and they ran through the dangerous winds to ADRA’s Elang Family Support Services Centre. They took shelter until the winds died down and remained there when Cyclone Kevin struck. 

After the cyclones passed, ADRA’s Blossom team carried out self-care activities for some families who were taking shelter at Fokona Seventh-day Adventist Primary School. 

ADRA also coordinated the delivery of 216 tarpaulins donated by Bunnings Warehouse. The tarpaulins arrived in Vanuatu by RAAF flight and provided much-needed shelter to those whose homes have been damaged. 

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