5 May, 2021

David John Brown always cared about helping women in their time of need and he wanted this to be his legacy. So, he left a gift in his will to ADRA. 

David specified that his gift was to be used to support women’s refuges. At the same time that David’s gift came through to ADRA, a local Victorian project was in need of funding. This project partners with a women’s refuge in the area and helps provide the women with food, hygiene and baby supplies, clothing and most of all, a safe sense of community. 

“Thursdays are special in the building now,” says Liz Heath, the Manager for the ADRA Community Care Centre in Wantirna. “The kids and mums look forward to our deliveries and honestly, the food is the least of it. They are all looking forward to a chat and sometimes a prayer, or a shoulder to cry on.” 

The volunteers from the ADRA Community Care Centre in Wantirna

The program is currently supporting 15 women and 26 children. And this support has been made possible by David’s generosity. 

“They have all been through so much and are in various stages of recovery,” says Liz of the women that the program supports. “If they have a need we try to meet it. Especially during lockdown – the op shops weren’t open so we collected clothing and baby items for these women as most of our ladies arrive with nothing. We are a huge part of their support system.”

Just like David, you can leave a gift in your Will to ADRA as a life-changing legacy for people in need. Find out more at adra.org.au/wills or call us on 1800 242 372 to request a brochure. Thank you for your ongoing and life-changing support.