The Inclusion and Wellbeing focus area specifically targets the provision of access to opportunities and means for people to achieve well-being and security on the terms that are important to them. When women are empowered and have access to incomes, they invest back into their families and communities, driving down hunger, malnutrition and poverty, while improving health, education and well-being. Children born to women who can read are 50% more likely to survive, and for every year of education beyond grade four that a woman receives, the risk of her children dying of preventable causes is reduced by 10%.

ADRA Australia works to improve inclusion and wellbeing for women and girls through project activities that seek to promote gender equity, including:

  • Women and adult literacy and vocational skills training
  • Strengthening school and church management and governance
  • Improving water and sanitation
  • Improving family nutrition
  • Improving maternal and child health
  • Local NGO Strengthening
  • Community and institutional leadership, management and governance support
  • Strategies to address gender based violence
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