The ability to earn an income has been threatened, damaged or destroyed by various stressors and shocks such as natural disasters, wars, and economic downturns. The way people use various assets to earn a living is heavily shaped by social, economic, and political contexts, and is further impacted by changes in institutions, processes, and policies. The strength of a given livelihood is not only measured by its productive outcomes, but equally by its resilience to shocks, seasonal changes, and trends. Livelihoods are also interdependent. Changes in any part of the production chain can impact on other livelihoods. Traders rely on farmers to produce goods, processors to prepare them, and consumers to buy them. Livelihoods also compete with each other for access to assets and markets.

ADRA Australia helps people and communities to improve livelihood opportunities through project activities that seek to build and sustain human, financial, social, and natural capital, including:

  • Small business support, micro finance, and access to credit
  • Skills training
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Strengthening relationships, trust, and networks
  • Civil society and community strengthening
  • Preventing child labour
  • Promoting youth employment opportunities
  • Enabling environmental sustainability
  • Promoting community climate change adaptation
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