As costs of living increases continue to place pressure on family budgets, rates of family breakdown continue to rise. Nationally representative surveys have found that anywhere from one-quarter to one-third, and even up to one-half, of Australian women will experience physical or sexual violence by a man at some point in their lives. Sadly, one woman is killed every week in Australia by a current or former partner. Demands for assistance through our Support Services programs has never been higher.

ADRA Australia provides support services that ensure those experiencing crisis have the support they need to move toward independence. This impact area has four key components:

  • Four Women’s Refuges that offer a place of security and support for women and children experiencing domestic violence.
  • 36 Emergency Relief outlets which provide short-term assistance for food and financial stress.
  • 13 Community Meals programs that run weekly sit-down meal services for individuals and families experiencing crisis and isolation.
  • Four Community Centres with counselling services to provide a platform for people to constructively tackle issues through individual and group therapy sessions.

While our support services act as a safety-net for people in crisis, our intention is to provide a program that also supports them as they grow towards a more stable, thriving future.

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