15 May, 2023

Andrew Thompson completed his first Ironman Triathlon and fundraised over $4,300 for ADRA Australia.

A full-distance Ironman Triathlon is a 3.8km swim followed by a 180km cycle then finishing with a full 42.2km marathon run. On May 7, Andrew completed the Ironman Triathlon in a time of just over 14 hours and 37 minutes!

Andrew completed his first Ironman Triathlon in just over 14 hours and 37 minutes

“I decided to do an Ironman Triathlon to raise money to support the people that ADRA helps,” Andrew said. “What’s the point of all that self-inflicted pain and suffering just for the superficial bragging rights of being an Ironman? For me, it needed to have a bigger purpose. The people that I’m raising money to help are doing it tough day in and day out, not just for 15 hours.”

Andrew wanted to make a difference by completing an Ironman Triathlon and fundraising for ADRA

An outdoors person by nature, adventure and fitness challenges are a constant in Andrew’s life.

“I’m a follower of Jesus that also loves the outdoors, fitness and a challenge,” Andrew said. “I’ve always pushed myself to improve and try harder things through multipitch traditional rock climbing, white water kayaking, multiday sea kayaking expeditions, and multiday back country alpine expeditions.”

Always looking for the next big challenge, Andrew turned to triathlons. His tried his first triathlon in 2021 and was hooked instantly.

Taking on a full-distance Ironman Triathlon was the next big challenge for Andrew

“I’ve become addicted to long distance running, cycling, and swimming because it has helped me find mental focus, joy in the present moment, and a time of no distractions,” Andrew said. “So when I had heard about the full distance Ironman Triathlons, I was captivated by the challenge.”

Andrew’s fundraising goal was to hit $5,650, or $25 for every one of the 226 kilometres that he covered. It’s not too late to support Andrew’s incredible efforts! You can donate at https://bit.ly/ironmanforadra