5 December, 2017

Tuesday 5 December was International Volunteer Day.Ā Below,Ā four volunteers share their stories.Ā Ā 


A listening earā€”this is what local pastor Maciej provides to the customers at ADRAā€™s Mackay Op Shop by volunteering.

He remembers a lady coming into the shop one day looking distressed.

Maciej Mackay Op Shop

ā€œI could tell she needed someone to talk to,” Pr Maciej says.

“When I asked if she was ok, she shared with me that she had just lost a beloved pet, and we had a good chat about her pet, and how she felt, and I could see that she left our shop feeling encouraged. The fact that I was able to be in the right place at the right time to help her out was such a blessing.” he says.


Before Serbian-born Nina decided to volunteer, she was spending most of her time at home ā€“ alone. Her daughter suggested she donate her time to the Mackay Op Shop.

There was only one problem: Nina’s limited English. SomeoneĀ suggestedĀ she could help out with ironing. But Nina couldnā€™t stand ironing. It was her least favourite household task!

Nina Mackay Op Shop

However, it didnā€™t take long for her to make friends with the other volunteers.

She now finds so much joy in serving others and happily irons at the shop. For Nina, her time volunteering is so treasured that sheā€™s upset if thereā€™s public holiday which forces the shop to close on her volunteering day.

Ā Patti

Patti has been volunteering at the Op Shop in Mackay for over seven months.Ā Her smile greets everyone who walks in the door. What Patti loves most about volunteering is the chance to be part of ADRAā€™s amazing work.

Patti Mackay Op Shop

“Often I help with the food relief project where I get to interact with so many people,” Patti says.

“It’s good because it brings me out of my shell to communicate with people on a really personal level, which I enjoy.”

Pastor Ragoso

Every Wednesday morning from 9am till noon at the Op Shop, you might be served by Pasor Ragoso, a kind man with a contagious smile.

Pastor Ragoso enjoys the chance he gets to connect with all kinds of people.

Pr Ragoso Mackay Op Shop

ā€œVolunteering at the ADRA Op Shop is a great way to serve the community, to see who they are andĀ to chat about what they are doing in their individual lives,” he says.

“I love working alongside the team there who are driven to provide quality goods and friendly customer service.”

~ ~ ~

ADRA would like to thank all our amazing and dedicated volunteers. Thank you for generously giving yourĀ time to helpĀ others thrive!

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