1 May, 2015

“We need food and shelter. There is nothing left in our village!” says Rami. She is from Lapa village in Dhading, close to the earthquake’s epicentre. The earthquake flattened her home leaving her son, Enos, trapped inside. For three days, Enos suffered under the rubble in extreme pain. The collapsed house fractured his arm and leg. Finally, a rescue helicopter arrived to take him to the district hospital. “He is supposed to be referred to the bigger hospital in Biratnagar. He is in a lot of pain, but our turn has not come yet,” says Rami with tears in her eyes. “The district hospital does not have the capacity to do surgery he needs right now.” It is now almost a week since the devastating earthquake shook Nepal. Rescue teams with dogs are searching the ruins for survivors and ADRA and other aid organisations are working hard to provide relief to the hardest hit areas. Transportation is a serious challenge. About half of Nepal’s 75 districts have been affected and the death toll could reach 10,000 people as reports come in from remote districts. ADRA is responding in the hardest hit areas of Dhading and Kavre districts, where ADRA Australia currently funds a number of development projects and hosts volunteer ADRA Connections teams. The initial response focuses on shelter and immediate relief. 1,760 tarpaulins have already been distributed to suffering families and more tarps and shelter kits are on their way to relieve those most in need. You can help!  $13 = one water tank $26 = one tarpaulin $65 = one water purification kit $317 = one shelter tool kit or tent for a family of five Donate to ADRA Australia at www.adra.org.au/nepal

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