The Redwood Community Care Centre provides a range of services, facilitating spiritual development, enhancing mental and interpersonal wellbeing as well as health and lifestyle improvement.

With a broad range of experience and network contacts, relevant support and referrals can be provided in a relaxed and personal manner.

The centre offers services and support to local people for low or no cost. Services include:

Mental health care
Housing support
Food parcels
Assistance with family violence issues
Assistance with drug or alcohol issues
Social connection

For urgent assistance, please visit the centre or contact us to make an appointment. Walk-in appointments may sometimes be available but they cannot be guaranteed.

Phone: (03) 5966 2320
Email: [email protected]

Room hire is available at affordable rates for personal, community group and business use.



$41,811 raised

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“As a recipient of the government Disability Support Pension due to extreme ill health, it is a constant battle to manage outgoings and at the same time find joy and fulfilment in life. I worked hard for decades and paid my dues, but will never take for granted the help given to me now.

Particularly in the light of the last few months of a pandemic, with isolation, prices rising enormously, and access becoming more difficult I realise how much the support of ADRA has been of help to me personally. It would have been that much harder to manage without them. I know it has been to many others.

Small food parcels, when otherwise we would go without, the offer of help, counselling, or just a smiling face when otherwise you may have not seen one for weeks.

I think these are the very human and wonderful things that ADRA provides. They provide a connection. The ADRA connection and contact gives us faith in ourselves, validation, non-judgment and is also a testament to people, community and humanity. I thank ADRA, the Warburton Church and all involved for the lovely gift they have given of themselves to our community.”

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