Women in Nepal like Bhagwati face incredible hardships. She knows first-hand what it’s like to run out of food and money, and see her children suffer. But through ADRA’s enterprise training, Bhagwati learnt tailoring skills and became self-sufficient. “Compared to before, there is a big difference in my life,” she says. Her transformation is amazing.

But Bhagwati is terrified her children will become trapped in the cycle of poverty. She desperately wants them to receive an education. Your generous gift before June 30 will enable families like Bhagwati’s to thrive well into the future. You will be helping people all over Australia and around the world to have a brighter future. Isn’t that amazing!

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When Bhagwati’s husband became physically disabled nine years ago, her life was thrown into uncertainty. Suddenly, Bhagwati had to provide for her two children. “We did not have enough food, and we often ran out of money,” she says. Bhagwati began to see her life slipping away and her children’s futures threatened. But she refused to give up. “I was determined to gain some skills and improve my life. ADRA’s training taught me tailoring skills and how to run a small business.”

The transformation in Bhagwati’s life is inspirational. She has fought every day to improve her family’s wellbeing. She has also generously helped others. “Whatever skills I have learned, I teach them to others so they can learn,” Bhagwati says. But while her life now is unrecognisable from nine years ago, Bhagwati is terrified of her children becoming stuck in the cycle of poverty. She desperately wants them to get an education and see them succeed and have a brighter future.

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