Papua New Guinea Landslide

A landslide struck Yambali village, Enga Province, causing significant casualties and property damage on May 2024, at 03:00 a.m. Initial estimates suggest over 2,000 people were buried alive and 670 individuals are missing, with efforts ongoing to confirm exact figures. Enga Provincial Disaster Committee has declared a State of Emergency, coordinating relief actions with national and international partners to address immediate needs and prevent further harm.

ADRA’s immediate response has included the distribution of food to the village. ADRA is working with the Disaster Committee to assess the situation and coordinate ongoing relief efforts.


Flooding in Brazil

Nearly 1.5 million people have been affected by abnormal rainfall that caused rivers to overflow and landslides in much of Rio Grande do Sul. Currently, there are over half a million people displaced and almost 67,000 people in shelters. In the 417 affected municipalities, water and sewage systems have collapsed, and supplies of food and fuel have been disrupted due to damaged roads.

ADRA’s initial response has included the distribution of food, clothing, hygiene kits, cleaning kits, mattresses, and bedding and towels. ADRA is working with other aid agencies to identify gaps in assistance, as well as to plan for recovery efforts.


Conflict in Gaza

ADRA is taking urgent action to address critical food security needs among displaced communities in Gaza in response to the escalating humanitarian crisis in the region.

– Food Distribution: ADRA’s response includes the procurement, preparation, and distribution of more than 28,500 hot meals through community kitchens in North Gaza, ensuring that vulnerable individuals receive nourishment during these trying times.
– Hygiene Support: ADRA will distribute hygiene kits to promote health and sanitation practices among affected communities, mitigating the risk of disease transmission.
– Food Parcels: Over 7,300 food parcels containing essential items such as potatoes, carrots, cooking oil, tomato sauce, and za’atar—an aromatic Middle Eastern blend of herbs, sesame seeds, and sumac spice—will be distributed to host communities through local cooperatives, providing sustenance and culinary diversity to those in need.

You can read more about our response here.


Ukraine Response

ADRA is working with our team in Ukraine to provide urgent humanitarian aid including water, food, shelter, blankets and clothing. We are also working with our ADRA teams in surrounding countries, including Poland, Romania and Hungary, as they respond to the needs of incoming refugees. According to the United Nations, at least 12 million people have fled their homes since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are also responding to the recent flooding cause by damage to the Kakhovka Dam. You can find out more details of our response here.


African Hunger Crisis

The Horn of Africa is facing a fourth consecutive below-average rainfall season. The exceptionally long drought, amplified by warmer-than-normal temperatures, has devastated livelihoods, livestock herds, crops and vegetation, water availability, household incomes, and has increased displacement. A UNOCHA report (July 2022) projects 19.4 million are affected by drought in the Horn of Africa and 3.32 million children are at risk of dropping out of school. The report further adds that 18.6 million people are facing acute food insecurity and malnutrition is rising across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

ADRA is supporting children and their families through school feeding programs in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan. Relief efforts extend to livelihood activities to combat the devastating effects of the drought.


Deadly disasters often strike without warning.

With a strong global presence in over 100 countries, ADRA is well-placed to help in times of need. When people need us, we’re already there.

Your gift to our Disaster Relief Fund helps us provide immediate disaster relief when disasters, like those listed above, strike. Your gift also helps to provide long-term recovery and disaster risk reduction activities in the aftermath.

ADRA’s purpose is deeply rooted in the principles of justice, compassion, and love. As such, ADRA helps people in need regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, and political or religious affiliation.


To support ADRA’s response in times of disasters, donate below.

Cover Image: ADRA Ukraine. ADRA members prepare to respond to the conflict in Ukraine.
Photo Gallery – Images from left:
ADRA Kenya. A woman walks across barren land to collect water in Kenya.
ADRA Romania. A convoy enters Ukraine to deliver supplies to internally displaced people.
ADRA Syria. Food distributions in Latakia following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.
ADRA Afghanistan: Consulting a local affected by the 6.3 magnitude earthquakes.
Donate Image: ADRA Syria. ADRA members assess the damage after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Türkiye

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