DreamTrack is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth club providing mentoring to young Indigenous kids in south-east Queensland. It brings together local youth aged 8 to 16 on a monthly basis to engage in social, and cultural activities in a fun, safe and friendly setting. Each event includes activities that promote cultural identity, resilience and life skills. The vision is to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living with purpose and a positive identity, equipping them with life skills and resources to help them to embrace life, culture and their community.

Indigenous people are people are much more likely than non- Indigenous people to die before they are old.

Indigenous adults are 15 times more likely to be jailed than non-Indigenous adults.



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The DreamTrack project operates on an ongoing basis. The total project support cost for this project is $47,060 and our annual fundraising target is $47,060. This project relies entirely on private donations to continue.


Jacinta’s Story

Seventeen-year-old Jacinta* is a very proud Aboriginal woman from the Wakka Wakka and Gooreng Gooreng nation, and she has big dreams: she wants to be a doctor. But growing up amidst the challenges of a disadvantaged environment, she wasn’t always so sure of her future. “I grew up in a strong but tough community surrounded by alcohol, drugs and crime,” Jacinta says. But then Jacinta was invited to attend DreamTrack. Through fun team-building activities and mentoring, she developed healthy life skills, increased resilience and greater self-esteem. Since joining DreamTrack, Jacinta has matured, gained more confidence, and now she’s now a leader and a mentor to the younger children.

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