This appeal has ended, but your donation helps people in other disasters.

Severe drought has affected rural and regional Australia. A lack of rainfall has caused extreme stress for farmers in particular. While coastal areas and capital cities have been largely unaffected, parts of regional Australia are bone dry.

In response, ADRA has been working with local churches and ADRA Op Shops in drought-affected areas in NSW and Queensland. Local churches have been assessing needs in their communities and providing assistance in partnership with other organisations responding to the drought. ADRA’s response has provided funding for local church networks to make the biggest impact in their communities.

In the short term, ADRA has been distributing cash cards to people identified as falling through the gaps. Cash cards provide farmers and others with flexibility: they can choose to buy necessities such as food, stock feed and drinking water; or to cover bills, medical costs or school expenses. In the longer term, ADRA is also planning to run a series of depression recovery courses.

Thank you for your generosity to Aussie farmers and rural communities. This direct appeal how now ended, but your continued support will help other people in disaster situations around the world.

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Please note: The drought appeal how now ended, but your donation will still help other people in disaster situations in Australia around the world. Thank you for your generosity!

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