We can’t all access enough healthy food to flourish. But you can help!

This end-of-financial year you can help farmers in places like Malawi produce enough food for their families, even during drought. You can also help Australians suffering food insecurity to access food parcels and other assistance in times of need.

In Australia, one in six households experienced food insecurity at least once in the last 12 months. In places like Malawi, climate shocks are increasing in severity and frequency making growing enough food a significant challenge.

Many of ADRA’s overseas development projects can access government funding if ADRA can raise the match. Your gift today helps extend our impact and reach more people. ANCP matched-giving projects are: Cambodia Choices II, Myanmar PRICE II, Malawi Tsogolo Labwino III, Timor-Leste WASH, Nepal GOAL, Zimbabwe Wealth in the Soil, Vanuatu LEED and Zambia Boost.

Please donate now to help people flourish! Click below or call 1800 242 372


Florence carefully stirs the pot of hot soup she’s made for her 4 children sitting patiently waiting for their food. As she works, Florence shares the progress she’s made in recent years. In the past, she struggled to provide enough for her children. She could only afford to feed them 3 meals a day in the first 3 months after harvest. But ADRA’s Tsogolo Labwino project “transformed the mindset of the people,” Florence says.

It helped build resilience and better manage climate shocks like drought, teaching techniques to grow drought-resistant crops and improve irrigation. Florence was filled with enthusiasm and hope. Before too long, she began to see results. Through hard work, Florence is a shining example in her flourishing community. But most impressively, Florence has demonstrated generosity by helping others flourish too.

Please consider sharing your blessings to help others flourish!

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