The Maira Hanhan project in Vanuatu helps communities to increase equity, social capital and the availability and access of locally produced foods for small scale farmers. In Vanuatu, Maira Hanhan means, ‘Come let’s eat together.’

Vanuatu has experienced disasters from active volcanoes, cyclones, and climate change. It has caused food insecurity and farmers have been underpaid for their crop. The population is also experiencing major health issues. The Maira Hanhan program focuses on saving lives while protecting infrastructure, farming livelihoods, social systems, and the environment. The goal of the Maira Hanhan project, or Come Let’s Eat Together project, is to address the problem of food insecurity among rural and urban communities and improve the health and wellbeing of the people. Communities will also be informed of the issues of climate change, how it directly impacts them, their food security status, and how to incorporate sustainable solutions.


Improving health and wellbeing – How is ADRA helping?

Vanuatu is one of many countries where ADRA is helping to improve the health and wellbeing of communities. We have ongoing health projects that have been developed in collaboration with trusted partners and communities to build healthier lives. Examples of ADRA health project activities include:

– Improving access to safe water sources
– Providing hygiene and sanitation solutions
– Implementing waste management strategies
– Helping families access nourishing food
– Preventing, addressing, and combatting non-communicable diseases like diabetes
– Supporting pregnant women and mothers with maternal and infant health and nutrition
– Improving awareness on issues like domestic violence and sexual abuse against women, children, and others
– Providing psychosocial support as per identified need


Margaret is her community’s leader for the project with ADRA Vanuatu, helping to promote the importance of women’s participation in community projects.
She has been an avid attendee of ADRA’s food and livelihood workshops over the years and is now using that knowledge to improve her farming techniques.
Here, she holds tomatoes from her community’s plot.

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