ADRA’s Settle Assist project provides integrated social and mental health support services to migrant youth at risk and their families in Melbourne’s southeast in partnership with Afri-Aus Care Inc. Through our services and programs we promote social inclusion, crime prevention, community development and youth resilience.

The partnership provides mentoring through basketball (Black Rhinos), healthy cooking on a budget, conversational English classes, alternative education pathways, community gardening, culturally specific family support, advocacy through the court network and prison visits, as well as pathways to training and employment through ADRA Cafés.

Youth are offered the opportunity to choose what they would like to participate in and become more open to learning new values and the importance of respecting themselves and others. We are always looking for more willing volunteers to get involved, form friendships and make a difference. Please contact Michaela Jones for more information.


Jamy (left) was born in Sudan in 1988. He migrated to Australia when he was 14 and completed high school in Melbourne. During his younger years he faced difficulties in maintaining a living due to conflict within his family and struggled to integrate into society. Jamy had frequent heated altercations with family members and colleagues, and due to peer pressure he made decisions that put him on the wrong side of the law. The struggles he faced taught him a valuable lesson: “Trouble doesn’t get you anywhere, I didn’t want to go back there.” Realising that support and help can be the difference between a bad and good decision, Jamy decided to be there for others. Together with Selba (founder of Afri-Aus Care, pictured right) he avoided jail time and turned his life around. He now assists AAC as the founder of the Black Rhinos basketball club, helping many youth turn their lives around.

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