Solomon Islands

The central hospital in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, is desperately short of dental facilities. They have trained dentists, but no surgeries to treat patients.

To help out, Dr Genna Levitch, an Australian dentist, obtained four mobile dental vans that each came completely set up with a dental chair and all the equipment needed to start treating patients.

One was shipped over last year from generous donations and the hospital has built a shed for vans. To make a life-changing difference, we are asking for donations to ship the remaining three vans to where they are most needed.


Mobile Dental Vans have been used in Australia to treat school children in remote and rural areas. They can be towed like a caravan and can be quickly set up to treat patients as they are fitted out inside just like a normal dental surgery. When Dr Genna Levitch was in the Solomon Islands, he spoke to the Chief Dental Officer who told him that they had lost their small dental hospital in Honiara due to old age. They had dentists on staff, but no dental facilities. To help out, Dr Levitch found four surplus mobile dental vans which were donated.

If these vans could be shipped to the Solomon Islands it would be a quick solution to a pressing problem as they could be set up on the hospital grounds. For the cost of shipping, they could have the equivalent of a small dental hospital again. This project can have an enormous immediate impact as not only are the vans ready to use, but the hospital has dentists on staff and can service the vans.

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