26 September, 2017

The Rohingya refugee crisis has forced more than 400,000 people to flee their homes in Myanmar and take refuge in makeshift camps in Bangladesh.

Helal left Myanmar with his mother, his wife and three children.

“We fled with only the clothes we are wearing. I don’t know where my father is and if he is still alive,” Helal says. “My wife, my mother and myself carried a child each.”

“We have been in the camp for 10 days now,” Helal says. “We have got one black sheet of plastic and some rice.”

Helal Rohingya headshot

Like Helal’s family, many refugees have nothing except what they carried on their journey. The urgent needs are food, shelter and hygiene kits.

In response, ADRA is providing emergency food parcels and shelter kits to refugees like Helal who have crossed into Bangladesh.

Helal expresses hope that things will improve soon and he can return his family to their homeland.

“If possible, we would like to go back to our home in Myanmar,” he says.

Published on: 26 Sep 2017

*names changed to protect safety and privacy.

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