21 November, 2019

Last week Shatha’s older sister’s glasses were stolen.  

At just 6 years old, Shatha knew she had to do something. She didn’t chase down the thieves or make ‘lost-and-found’ posters – instead she promised her sister that one day she’d become an eye-doctor so she could help.  

This was the latest in a series of traumatic events in the life of this little Syrian girl who is living as a refugee in Lebanon with her family. 

Last year, Shatha’s father had a stroke. One side of his body was paralyzed, and the little paying work he had once been able to secure quickly disappeared.  

The family left everything behind when they fled their war-torn home, and now they had no breadwinner. Worse for the children was the vivid and daily reality of a father living in chronic pain. 

Shatha, who is particularly close to her father, was shattered. She cried continuously, hoping – wanting – to make life better for him.

Shatha with her mother and sister

Today, Shatha’s older brothers bear the weight of providing for the family on their young shoulders. The eldest, 18, earns just $133 a month cleaning in a beauty salon. The other, at just 16, completes dangerous tasks at a local garage. 

But at ADRA’s Sed el Bouchrieh Centre in LebanonShatha and her sister are receiving support to learn and the opportunity to dream of a brighter, more peaceful future.  

“When the girls go to the centre they find relief and hope,” Shatha’s mother said. “ADRA is one of the reasons that my daughters have got through this hard time. Her relationships with her classmates and teachers helps a lot.”


And it is at the ADRA Centre that she is taking the first steps towards her dream to become an ophthalmologist. As her life changesShatha is already planning to change the lives of others for the better too.  

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