6 July, 2020

I have always known that you, our ADRA supporters, are special. Even in these uncertain times, you have shown incredible faith and generosity through your giving to our Overcome Appeal.

Thanks to your support, we were able to raise $1.15M during our Overcome Appeal. These vital funds mean that now 79,000 people can receive a Protection Kit and meet their basic needs for food, clean water, hygiene and sanitation and 19,750 people can receive an Overcomer Kit and receive business training, counselling, goats and seeds.

Below is a Thank You video directly from a few of the people you have helped to support.

Your gift has been life-changing for so many like the ‘Pickle Sisters’ in Nepal and Jodie in Australia who were facing crises. I thank God for having his hand over everything that we do, and I especially thank God for you.

YOU have helped others overcome crises.


Paul Rubessa

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