7 September, 2020

When ADRA received a generous bequest from a loyal donor, part of the gift was used to purchase a bus. How useful is a bus, you might ask? Well, for thousands of people in Brisbane’s south, it has made a crucial difference.

Each week the ADRA Community Centre in Logan (QLD) assists hundreds of people in need through emergency relief, food parcels, a soup kitchen and domestic violence support. The Centre has also established a nearby community garden which provides work opportunities as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. The Centre is a registered ‘Work for the Dole’ provider, helping to upskill people so they can find employment. Thanks to the bus, the Centre has since been able to win three government contracts worth $120,000 to provide work opportunities for people on welfare.

Centre manager Henk La Dru says the bus has been invaluable.

“We can pick them up, take them out there and bring them back,” Henk says. “A lot of our participants haven’t got licences or don’t have a car. Without the bus, we wouldn’t be able to get the contracts because we wouldn’t be able to get participants to the site to do the work. And, we’ve been able to reach out to people who are struggling.”

The extra funds from the government contracts have enabled the Centre to fund other areas of its programs. It’s amazing how a simple gift generously left in a Will is having an ongoing, lasting impact!

Melville Simonsz, ADRA Australia’s Chief Financial Officer at the time, says bequests are crucial. “Leaving a bequest enables long-term investment in programs which help vulnerable people thrive, enabling your legacy to live on – doing good into the future.”

As you consider what your legacy will be, consider leaving a bequest to have a lasting impact and make a meaningful difference.

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