13 October, 2016

When Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti, it left hundreds of thousands of people in the Central American desperate for help.

To assist in the relief efforts in the immediate aftermath of the storm, ADRA deployed an emergency response team full of global disaster experts. ADRA is providing immediate food, water and hygiene kits for thousands of people in urgent need.

Every disaster has a human face, and for Janelle, one of the ADRA team members on the ground in Haiti, Ieisme is that face.

This story comes from Janelle, one of those people:

Ieisme is 14-years-old. She is in year 7 and she wants to be a nurse. Both of her parents died several years ago, and she lives with her grandmother and three siblings.


The family was at home together when the hurricane hit. During the storm, they lost hope. Trees were falling, nearby houses were crumbling; they didn’t know if they would survive. Their home was very close to the seashore, and it collapsed around them during a strong storm surge.

They managed to swim to safety and are now staying with relatives. But they lost everything – their home, their crops, their livestock, and all of their possessions.

You could expect Ieisme to have lost all hope, but her faith is amazing despite losing everything!

“There is no need for people to be hopeless,” she said. “God can do something for them.”

With your help, we can do something for them too. Please make a donation today.


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