May 28

A Light Bulb Moment

One Friday morning in April, I enjoyed a beach sunrise with one of my daughters as part of a school activity. It was an experience I have filed away in …

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May 17

Bhagwati’s Amazing Story

In a small hillside village in western Nepal, Bhagwati kneels beside the fire and warms her hands in front of red-hot coals. As she prepares breakfast for her two children, …

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Apr 13

ADRA Responds to PNG Earthquake

During the early hours of February 26, a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The quake was the largest earthquake recorded in the region for almost 100 years. …

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Apr 11

ADRA Responds to Fiji flooding

ADRA has responded to flooding after a cyclone affected parts of Fiji earlier this month. On April 1, Tropical Cyclone Josie passed over Fiji affecting mainly the western part of Fiji. While it …

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Jan 31

Anwara’s Story

It was 2am when Anwara climbed into the boat. In the teeming darkness, strange hands passed her up toward the bow and unfamiliar bodies pressed against her. She called out …

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