Jul 19

Thank You… Directly from Nepal

During our end-of-financial year, we were blown away by the generosity of our donors. If you were one of them, thank you! We have a special ‘Thank You’ video for …

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May 28

A Light Bulb Moment

One Friday morning in April, I enjoyed a beach sunrise with one of my daughters as part of a school activity. It was an experience I have filed away in …

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May 17

Bhagwati’s Amazing Story

In a small hillside village in western Nepal, Bhagwati kneels beside the fire and warms her hands in front of red-hot coals. As she prepares breakfast for her two children, …

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Apr 13

ADRA Responds to PNG Earthquake

During the early hours of February 26, a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The quake was the largest earthquake recorded in the region for almost 100 years. …

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Apr 11

ADRA Responds to Fiji flooding

ADRA has responded to flooding after a cyclone affected parts of Fiji earlier this month. On April 1, Tropical Cyclone Josie passed over Fiji affecting mainly the western part of Fiji. While it …

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