Your Legacy is Their Future

With your help, the next generations in need in Australia and around the world will experience life as God intended it for them – free from poverty and disadvantage. You can rest assured that your thoughtful gift will be used carefully and wisely to make the most positive impact in the lives of others.

Please contact us to learn more, receive a brochure in the post, or notify your intent to leave a Gift in your Will to ADRA Australia. Alternatively you can download a Gift in Wills Brochure. Your desire to make a difference will live on for years to come.

What We Do

In Australia, we help Aussies doing it tough through community meals, counselling, food pantries, community gardens, bill pay help, employment training and emergency relief.

Overseas, we help women start small businesses to provide for their families, we assist farmers to improve their yields to send their children to school, we provide families with access to clean water and sanitation so they can stay healthy, we offer life-saving medical help to vulnerable people and we provide shelter and food to people in times of disasters.

Recommended Wording

Recommended wording: “to Adventist Development and Relief Agency Australia Limited of 146 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga, New South Wales [ACN 109 435 618] to be applied under the direction of its Board of Directors for its charitable purposes (in the strict legal sense).”

Benefits of Having a Will

We understand that making a Will is a sensitive and personal process. A valid Will is crucial in making sure that your wishes are known and carried out after you have gone. Without a valid Will your estate will be settled according to the applicable laws of intestacy in the jurisdiction where your assets are located when you pass away.

Helping Prepare Your Will

It is advised that you discuss your intentions with your family and loved ones. Once you have done this, meet with your solicitor or trust officer. If you have decided to include ADRA Australia as a beneficiary, we offer some suggested wording to help your solicitor or trust officer in articulating your wishes. See our recommended wording above.

There are three main types of gifts our supporters often choose to leave with ADRA:

  1. Residuary Bequest
    After making provisions for your family and loved ones, you can leave all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate to ADRA Australia.
  2. Percentage of your Estate
    You may nominate a certain percentage, from 1% to 100%, of your estate to ADRA Australia.
  3. Specific Bequest
    You may choose to leave a specific sum of money, or a particular item, such as real estate, shares, artwork, or other valuable belongings.

Learn More

Download a brochure, call us on 1800 242 372 or email us with any questions.