The world is at a turning point. Two decades of progress fighting infectious diseases, empowering women and girls, and building education and economic prosperity stalled when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now, overlapping challenges are hitting all at once. Dangerously hot and unpredictable weather, fuel shortages, hunger, violent invasions and the mass movement of people are linked and inflamed. 

If we do nothing, today’s challenges will become tomorrow’s catastrophes. 

Decisions made by this generation can put the world back on the path to progress, peace and prosperity. This is best for the world and best  for Australia. But it won’t happen on its own.

ADRA Australia is joining with individuals and organisations calling on our leaders to act now to build a safer world for all.

We are calling on our nation’s leaders to:

  1. Increase investment in Australian Aid
    Our Australian Aid program is currently at its least generous point in our history, and is amongst the lowest of all wealthy countries. We encourage the Australian Government to lift Australia’s foreign aid budget to 0.37% of gross national income by 2027.
  2. Support a fairer global economy
    Australia can use its influence as a middle power to support global efforts to make debt, tax, trade, and investment fairer for developing countries
  3. Contribute to a safer climate future
    Australia can support our neighbours in the Pacific and Asia to reduce climate change impacts, recover from disasters and shift to renewable energy.

I believe Australia should help to make a Safer World For All

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