Church Agencies Network

ADRA Australia is a proud member of the Church Agencies Network (CAN). Formed in 2004, CAN is a a group of twelve Church-based overseas aid and development agencies committed to empowering people and providing avenues for them to overcome injustice and poverty. We work closely with the churches and other CAN members in many countries to achieve this change.

Whilst each agency operates independently and unilaterally, there are times when various agencies collaborate on a single project to leverage experience and resources. We work with local partners and churches to achieve the maximum benefit for the local community. As members of CAN, we share a strategic vision and have a history of collaboration, sharing skills and resources, and of working towards long-term development objectives and capacity building with our partner agencies.


The Church Agencies Network – Disaster Operations (CAN DO) was formed in 2015 to better coordinate and strengthen our global humanitarian, disaster risk reduction and management and resilience building work. CAN DO is a consortium of faith-based agencies and is a sub-group of the Church Agency Network (CAN). Currently, CAN DO is focusing on the Pacific and the Australian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Disaster Ready program, that looks to improve disaster preparedness across the Pacific.