24 April, 2019

It has been over a month since Cyclone Idai wreaked havoc on the lives of millions in southern Africa. Since then, your generous donations have been vital in providing life-saving support to survivors. ADRA’s immediate focus has been on providing food, clean water and psychological support to thousands of traumatised and displaced¬†people.

Pyschosocial help

ADRA is working to provide psycho-social help to those affected by Cyclone Idai

An increasing number of Cyclone survivors are suffering from¬†malnutrition. ADRA has¬†secured 16.5 metric tonnes of corn soya bean porridge¬†to help treat cases of moderate¬†malnutrition. The porridge is fortified with vitamins and minerals and used as a food substitute for people –¬†including children –¬†who have had little to eat.

The distribution of soya bean porridge

Access to clean water continues to remain challenging. But thanks to the money raised, in the Chimanimani town in Zimbabwe for example, 75% of the families can now access clean water, and 770 families have learned how to avoid getting cholera through hygiene and hand-washing messages.

The piping for water in Chimanimani

The piping that allowed clean drinking water in Chimanimani

To those who have already donated to the survivors of Cyclone Idai, THANK YOU. Your compassion is making a world of difference.

The recovery efforts will continue for months to come. To help ADRA be always ready and always there for people in disasters, like the survivors of Cyclone Idai, please consider donating to our Disaster Preparedness Fund at https://www.adra.org.au/project/disasters today.