11 November, 2021

ADRA is honoured by individuals who choose to leave a long-lasting legacy through  a gift in their Will. After her passing, ADRA was honoured to receive a meaningful gift from the estate of supporter, Denise, whose only wish was that the money be used to help those in need.  

Through Denise’s generosity, beneficiaries of the Blossom Project in Vanuatu were gifted livelihood training classes to assist young girls facing teen pregnancy and domestic and family-based violence.  

The project originally focused on combatting teenage pregnancy issues but has expanded to include prevention of violence against women and children through education and raising awareness of harmful community practices. This vision has evolved in recent years to include training on a wide range of healthy lifestyle practices.

Young women in Vanuatu take part in the ‘Young Women Enrichment’ Workshops

A recent participant, Cindy, reports “I’m so blessed to be a part of the Fabric Training organised by the Efate District Adventist Youth, and Local Food Preparation and Healthy Diet program sponsored by ADRA’s Vanuatu Blossom Project. I will use the skills acquired to train young girls and women in the outer islands when I visit them. Not everyone has the opportunity of going through formal education and having a qualification for employment. We can, however, empower women, men, and children with such training so they too can be able to generate an income. 

“For me personally, I really want to see my children practising this program and I want to involve them in selling their products, so they receive an income for themselves and practise self-reliance.” 

With more than 1,500 participants currently enrolled, the program is a thriving centre of influence in the community.  

Thank you, Denise. Your thoughtful inclusion of a gift to ADRA is positively changing lives so that people can live as God intended. 

 Just like Denise, you can leave a gift in your Will to ADRA as a life-changing legacy for people in need. Find out more at adra.org.au/wills or call us on 1800 242 372 to request a brochure. Thank you for your ongoing support.