27 September, 2021

COVID-19 in Fiji: 

ADRA distributes food to those affected by COVID-19

ADRA has been on the ground assisting families impacted by COVID-19 in Fiji since a second wave struck in May. Our response has been in the form of food rations, the provision of personal protection equipment and financial assistance. “A lot of Fijians are in dire need of food and their livelihoods have been greatly affected due to the COVID-19 crisis,” says ADRA Fiji Country Director, Iliapi Tuwai. COVID-19 awareness campaigns are also underway, aiming to educate the population about precautionary measures to minimise the spread. So far, more than 1,000 families in Fiji have been assisted as part of our response. 

COVID-19 in India: 

Community members line up to receive COVID-19 vaccination

In May, a deadly surge in COVID-19 infections swept across India with hundreds of thousands of new cases recorded daily, stretching healthcare facilities beyond capacity. Shortages of hospital beds, oxygen supplies, medicine, and personal protective equipment (PPE) all contributed to the ongoing crisis. ADRA’s COVID-19 taskforce responded rapidly by providing critical oxygen resources to hospitals, supporting local clinic staff, promoting preventive measures, and providing vital PPE to frontline medical staff. An Oxygen Generation Plant (OGP) was established by ADRA to help affected patients and to ease the demand for oxygen. ADRA further supported vaccine clinics in the hard-hit city of New Delhi. 

Earthquake in Haiti: 

ADRA responds to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti

On Saturday 14 August 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the small island nation of Haiti, destroying homes, infrastructure and claiming over 2,200 lives. This widespread devastation was furthered by a 5.2 magnitude aftershock. ADRA was one of the first aid organisations to reach the affected area of Saint-Louis de Sud. ADRA provided immediate assistance through the distribution of food, water, hygiene items and tent tarpaulins to affected families and individuals made homeless through these events. ADRA also collaborated with the nearby hospital to provide medical assistance to those who were injured. 


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