10 March, 2023

At the end of 2021, Women’s Ministries Directors from around Australia decided they would like to collaborate on a national project to raise awareness and money for a worthwhile cause.

The Blossom Project was chosen and launched early in 2022. Working with ADRA, Adventist Women Australia decided to set a target of $10,000 for the Blossom project in Vanuatu. This project is focused on enhancing the wellbeing of women and girls by addressing issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy. It was something our team was passionate about and believed aligned well with our values as the Women’s Ministry department.

A remarkable thing happened throughout 2022, as local churches started to fundraise around Australia and donations started being made, we shot over our target. Our final figure at the end of 2022? Adventist Women around Australia raised $45,616.  We want to say thank you to all the women who mobilised for mission. Thank you for running events, creating awareness and raising much needed funds for this incredible project. Thank you for mobilising our local women to be mission minded.

Young women in Vanuatu take part in the ‘Young Women Enrichment’ Workshops

Kylie Humble from ADRA shares, “Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, the Blossom Project is now in its seventh year of implementation! The project has impacted the lives of thousands of people in Vanuatu, supporting those affected by gender-based violence, addressing cultural gender norms through high school education programs, and providing counselling and life skills training to people serving sentences for offences related to sexual and gender-based violence.

Last year, a formal evaluation of the project was carried out and confirmed the positive changes that is being made in the many lives of those who have interacted with the project and its activities. The evaluation also provided very clear recommendations on what the project should look like moving forward, and one of the key recommendations was that the project should expand its sphere of operation beyond Port Vila and out into the islands. Currently, a design process is underway in Vanuatu with the aim to launch a new phase of the Blossom Project by 1st July 2023.”

We are so thrilled that Adventist Women Australia has been able to support this amazing ministry in Vanuatu. Thank you.

This article was originally published by the Australian Union Conference.