For over a decade, the ADRA Community Centre in Blacktown has been providing support to some of the most vulnerable people in Sydney’s western suburbs. Through individual and group counselling, food parcels, crisis relief, emergency housing and other tailored programs, the centre not only provides a safety net, but helps build stronger individuals and families for more resilient communities. The ADRA Community Centre provides services free of charge thanks to the numerous volunteers who give of their time and energy.

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On any given night in Australia 1 in 200 people are homeless

Each year 1 in 10 Australian’s rely on food relief



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The ADRA Community Centre in Blacktown operates on an ongoing basis. The total project support cost for this project is $250,000 and our annual fundraising target is $250,000. This project relies entirely on private donations to continue.


Charlie’s Story

Every week, Charlie volunteers a day of his time as a counsellor at Blacktown, which provides insight into the difficulties many people face. “The hardest part of counselling I think is being with someone in their struggle,” Charlie says. “While there’s a real privilege and an honour in that, it can also be quite hard to see what someone is going through.” Charlie sees up to six clients a day: school children, the elderly, couples and singles. “People come in being honest, being genuine, being vulnerable,” Charlie says. “I feel like that gives you a real full experience of what it is to be a human and connect with another person.”

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