ADRA is currently responding to the East African Drought, Cyclone Fani in India, and the Australian drought. Donate below and enable us to help right away when disasters occur. 

Deadly disasters often strike without warning, affecting the most vulnerable people least able to cope. With such a strong global presence across more than 140 countries, ADRA’s network is well-placed to help in times of need. When people need us, we’re already there. ADRA has a strong record responding to mega disasters, like the recent cyclones in southern Africa, the Australian droughts, and the Indonesian tsunami.

By donating before a disaster hits, you’re ensuring ADRA is in the best position so that we’re ready to help right away. Our work includes not only immediate disaster relief, but also longer-term recovery and disaster risk reduction activities.

The Indonesian tsunami has washed away thousands of homes, forcing people to rely on resettlement camps.

Cyclone Gita rocked Tonga in February 2018, causing nearly $190 million USD of damage.


Emma Makanda is a widow and sole guardian of her two grandchildren. On March 7, heavy rain and strong winds began pounding Emma’s village in Malawi, and within hours houses were falling down. She and her two grandchildren ran into the shelter of their home where they huddled in the corner. And Emma watched as one side of her house fell down.

The floods have completely changed the course of Emma’s life. Her maize garden, which was her hope for feeding her family, is destroyed, leaving her with no source of food for the coming months. “I don’t know what to do next as I have nothing; no food at home and no shelter,” Emma says.

Emma is one of thousands affected by the flooding in southern Africa. ADRA’s immediate response in disasters like this is only made possible through donations to the Disaster Preparedness and Relief Fund.

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